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Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Chelsea, and NAFAS

The off-shore garden designer Sarah Eberle

I have a few more gardens from Chelsea to show starting with this one, quite usual all water not sure how you get to the door as the middle stone is under water. At least it would deter unwanted visitors. It won a silver medal.

This was the 1984 garden and got a bronze medal

The two photo's above were designed by Drusilla Stewart and William Beresford for the help for heroes Sanctuary Garden. It was neat and clean lines and was in aid of helping our fighting heroes.

Another example of plants growing up the wall. This was the Fenchurch garden designer Paul Hensey and not only won silver gilt but most creative award.

There were many more gardens but this garden was a bit of fun and seemed to be attracting a lot of attention. Paradise in Plastic By James May and a lot of others was awarded a special plastic medal.

Now for something different.

RHS Chelsea Florist of the year

Sorry I can't tell you who won but they are all very clever and all made from plant material and worth a look at.

The next photo's are from the ladies who belong to the NAFAS association this year it was the turn of the Wessex and Jersey branches and won a gold medal. It was title was Inside Outside and was very contemporary lovely colours.

The show was about to close we were nearly done in and went for a cup of tea and noticed the Que for the floral art marque was gone. We had tried to take a look earlier on in the day but the Que was so long I was afraid we wouldn't get round the whole show, so with tea in hand we had a mad dash round the exhibits taking some photo's of what I thought was the best, here are just a few sorry no names of the designers or the medals.

Before I end this blog I though a word for the plant growers must be mentioned. They do a brilliant job of getting the flowers to bloom for the show, holding flowers back and forcing them forward.

How they get daffodils in may to look this good

and delphiniums this tall

Tropical flowers from overseas

And finally this display by Zita Elze was stunning a interior designer, florist and garden designer.

I hope you have enjoyed just a small amount of Chelsea as much as I enjoyed going again this year, who would of thought 7 years ago when i was part of a team and won a bronze medal it would still inspire and bring such joy to me.

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