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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Show gardens Chelsea 2010

L'Occitane garden 2010 by James Towillis
This was one of the nicest gardens, it was build on a large slope a great height making the planting of the lavender look like the fields of the Provence's.It won a well deserved silver gilt.


The Victorian Aviary Garden by Phillippa Pearson and Johnathan Denby
won silver

Hows this for a hanging basket
This and the next two photo's are the work of Kazuyuki Isihara
Kazahana-an urban roof garden
There was moss everywhere and also running water, the planting was great and so much to look at. It was better when it was on the TV as we were not allowed in the little house where the water running down the side of the building was on glass so you could see it from inside.


This was the Trail finder Australian Garden by Scott Wynd won a gold. It was Australian outdoor space. I had a job to take photo's of this garden as there was not really lots of plants apart from banana plants, fatsia,hosta and stelizia. There were no doubt more but the pavilion,pool, spa, spotted gum decking, breakfast bench, inbuilt lounge, wet bar, fridge kitchen area, barbecue and a circular swimout for me out weighed the planting. I'm not saying I didn't like it it was a great garden for a hot country with plenty of hot weather and I would imagine a big purse.


The next four photo's are of the garden
The M&G Garden by Roger Platts

It won a gold and also the got the peoples best award, it also got my best too. There theme was a garden to stand the test of time, a quintessentially British garden that celebrates the traditional... It was lovely full of plants and tree's winding paths, summer house, shade and sunny area's a sunken pool and lovely scented flowers and roses.


Kebony-Naturally Norway
by Darron Saines and won a silver gilt. I liked this garden except for the roof of the building it didn't seem in keeping but the garden demonstrates the garden throughout the changing seasons with traditional outdoor living with a contemporary twist a sleek central pavilion adapts to the season.

The Laurent-Perrier Garden
Tom Stuart-Smith who won a gold
The planting was a woodland plating in spring, the plants would thrive in light shade in moisture retentive soil.

The Daily Telegraph Garden
by Andy Stergeon won a gold and best show garden. This garden was inspired by travel it was a great contemporary garden.


The Cancer Research UK Garden
by Robert Myers won a gold
The garden theme of enlighten celebrates the vital work that is being done. I loved this garden cool planting, timber slatted canopy terrace and timber cloister around the garden. To the back of the garden a grid of clipped box, reflecting pools scattered through the plants, and a grove of white-stemmed birch trees for shade with white and green planting beneath.

The HESCO Gardens 2010
The Leeds City Garden
designed by Martin Walker and the Leeds city council and won a gold
It was amazing a real lock gates with wild country planting looked like it had been there for years. Woodland fringe, wetland and marsh planting and a floral meadow made this garden something different. Celebrates its industrial heritage whilst creating green corridors for people to walk and enjoy.
Foreign and Coloinial Investments Garden
by Thomas Hoblyn won a silver gilt.
Wasn't sure about this water drill but after watching it for a while the ripples made a lovely Patton and found it to be relaxing. The colour were quite different and a refreshing change.

The Tourisum Malaysia Gardens
by James Wong and David Cubero
won a gold.
A Terraces of minimalist angular hard landscaping modern look reflecting the Malaysia of today
The Children Society Garden
designer Mark Gregary won gold
This was designed for a family from youngsters to teenagers. A secluded place with a plunge pool, just the weather to go with it would be nice. Nice planting all around the garden.

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Courtyard gardens at Chelsea

What a wonderful day my friend Jenny and I had at the Chelsea flower show. My sister was coming but it clashed with her holiday so Jenny was delighted to come she had never been before and always wanted to. She has a great knowledge of plants and is so keen to learn the names of ones she hasn't got. This first garden was one of our favorite's there was some lovely flowers. All the gardens can be found on the BBC web site.

The global stone bee friendly plants garden
won a silver

I thought this planting in the containers was a good idea and after these plants have finished they could be replaced with fresh ones.
Christian before Dior

Music on the Moors
Gold and best courtyard garden

The Pine and Conifer enthusiast garden
silver gilt

Lights and colours of the alps

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tulips at Harlow Carr

On Monday my friends Lynda, Lena, Val, Jenny and I had a trip to the RHS Harlow Carr Harogate. The past two weeks had been the Tulip Festival but when we spoke to one of the volunteer gardeners she thought they were at there best now, and we thought they were looking stunning. They have planted 250,000 bulbs.

This was the children's Victorian garden.

I loved the colour of this Tulip two tone.

All these colours together were very eye catching one of my favourite. The canes were in place ready for the sweet pea and a different structure from the usual tepee style.

This was the scented garden and although the hyacinths were past it there was still a lovely smell.

There were lots of pots with varieties of Tulips

This newly planted hedge of apple line the new vegetable garden and look stunning with its blossom.

This little plant was in the new Alpine House and much to everybody amusement was called Vicky

One side of the Alpine House.

This was just a small spot in the wild flower garden.

The fox gloves and pretty forget-me-nots growing in this conservatory along with the other flowers were a welcome sight

For more infomation on Harlow Carr

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pat Dibben work shop

Last Sunday I was away at a work shop were we taught this time by a nice lady named Pat Dibben who came from the London area for the weekend. Our club Future Concepts always have teachers who inspire us to work with different materials and to make things using our imagination's with textures and forms. Whenever we get the requirement list weeks before you cant imagine what it is we are going to make this time was no exception. Moss, hay, coloured mesh, fabric, thick wire,midelion sticks, raffia, an assortment of foliage and flowers to name just a few the list goes on. There were three different designs to chose to make but whatever you take you wish or had brought something else. I took every thing but left it in the car until I saw the all the designs Pat had created then got what I wanted to do. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died so did not get any of her designs but below are just a few.
This was my friend Cathy's design, she covered a wire ring one with moss the other with hay for two different textures.
Jackie filled a long length of gold mesh with moss to make a long ribbon and manipulated it into the shape here and added the lovely flowers and foliage.

I covered my wire rings also with moss but chose to lay mine horizontal as if floating which wasn't easy and doesn't look to good in this photo.

I had time to do a simple design just using three gorgeous red rose's and a few large leaves. The green bendy reed are midelino sticks and come in all colours and are very popular at the moment, I use them in the shop in arrangements. The horizontal and vertical natural bark is from the failing's of the eucalyptus tree collected from Roberts and my holiday last year in Scotland (I am always collecting things Robert says I never use it)

On my way in the morning traving on the busy road I turned the bend in the road and was confrunted with a sea of blue in the wood. Bluebells. The sight was amazing but i was unable to stop. But on the back i pulled into a layby and although the camera was telling me no batery's but had a go and and was able to take two. The photo's do the sight much justes.

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