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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer gardening

With me going away for a week and feeling stronger after my operation Friday was a day in the garden. Mostly dead heading cutting down finished perennials with the hope that they will give me a second bloom. I heard on the radio a expert!! a Chelsea winner say that there wasn't much to do in the garden in summer well her garden must be pretty boring. My garden is a riot of colour, flowers that need dead heading every day. Then if you grow fresh produce, fruit, veg and salad there is something to pick every day. The pine tree drops its cones and needles, herbs need to be kept under control, climbing plants need tying in, grass to cut and if a dry spell watering. Even my small garden needs attention every day.
A few potted plants

A good example of not controlling my passion flower, it growing into the two hanging baskets its reached the roof and coming into my bedroom.

My Friend Kathy brought me a variety of plants this is a lovely Dalia.

I think the day lilies are early this year. The Sambuca in the background has been fantastic.

My chocolate cosmos, I must remember to bring it inside this winter.

Today I have been to The Tatton flower show and have taken lots of photo's so there will be plenty to show when I get back from my holiday.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Time on my hands?

For the first time for many years I find myself with time on my hands. The reason for this is because I am recovering after having an operation. I'm not a very good patient and sitting still is not a thing I'm very good at. I was over due for this opp as its never the right time. First Christmas, Valentines day then mothering Sunday. When there is only two people in a busy shop its hard to get time off and with they way things are at present you have to take on the work when its there. The surgeons secretary was very patient and we managed to find a suitable date. And how things have moved on. Robert's mum was in hospital for a week and off work for weeks. I was out next day key hole surgery, dissoluble stitches, only need three weeks of work and don't even need to see anybody for a check up. The one thing I believe is vital is no driving for two weeks and having been driven home the feeling you have is really strange.
There is a plus side to this time off. Its been a few years since I have been able to go to the Keswick convention in the Lake district. A gathering of approx 5thousand Christians from all denomination with inspirational speakers from all over the world, great worship and fellowship. (all we need is good weather it can rain in the lakes). My Friend Jenny has gone for many years with her family and there is room for me, no need to drive, cook and will no doubt be well looked after, how lucky am I.

Scampi cant understand why I'm not taking her for a long walk but I think Tips glad, these days she is glad just to walk round the outside of the house she is getting very frail.

Scampi is just the right size my beautiful Hannah to control. Here they sitting on the butter cross in the village.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flower festival at Youlgrave

When we visited Youlgrave a few weeks ago the local church had a flower festival on with the theme from the hymn all things bright and beautiful, below are just a few of the arrangements. A lot of the people who take part in the flower festivals are people who attend local flower clubs in villages and towns usually meeting once a month. I go to my local club in Doncaster and there is always something new, different and exciting to experience.
The sun set in the morning, a modern contemporary arrangement
A winter scene.

Purple headed mountain

The summer sun

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Youlgrave well dressing

A few weeks ago my friends and I had a trip to Derbyshire and in the morning we went to Youlgrave to see the well dressings. This is a annual event dating back from the pagan tradition, giving thanks for the purity of water which was drawn from the wells. This dates back from the time of the black death. Its believed it originated from the village of Tissington Derbyshire 1349. Only a few villages took part in the early days until 1840 when to commemorate the benefactor of the Duke of Devenshire who at his own expense supplied water to all. Youlgrave was later supplied with water from a hill some distance away with the arrival of piped water and so the tradition was adapted to taps not only wells.

Its hard to believe this is all made from tiny flower petals it is so incredibly neat. If I can remember it represents earth, wind, fire and water.

Wooden frames are constructed in clay mixed with water and salt, a designed is sketched on paper and traced onto the clay. Very often there is a religious theme and the picture is predominantly made from flower petals, mosses, beans, seed and cones but in later years some use more modern materials.

This well depicts Adam and Eve and although not clear the outer panels stand forward from the inner panel giving it a 3D look.

This vibrant well is to commemorate the football 2010 world cup

Youlgrave, a village in Derbyshire the peak district lying on the river Bradford south of Bakewell. The name Youlgrave derives from "yellow grove" the oared mined being yellow in colour, historicaly "Giolgrove".

A close up of some of the petals and texture's used in the green man, great thought and patience must have been used with the limited colour pallet used for this design.

This was a great well of Mosses being found in the river. The side panels were so delicately designed with scenes from the time and place.

This was the girl guides well celebrating 100 years of guiding

This last but not least well was designed by the children from the local school. Each child designed a picture and one was chosen. Then the mums transfer the design to the clay frame.

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Hannah Franklin

On the 1st July our church had the great pleasure of an evening with Hannah Franklin She was so amazing, not only a truly magnificent voice but her word was inspirational. Her songs mostly reflected women of the Bible and before she sang her song gave a small insight the the person in the song. She spoke of her life so far and her beautiful sister who sadly died last year. Everybody was moved and many including me were brought to tears. After the concert she did not rush off but stayed to minister to people and was so at ease. Her new album 'You are the song' is available and I loved them all but 'His Love' I think is my favorite.

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