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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Monday with mum and dad

I love these white Narcissus we call them John quills

Lovely Hellebore

On Easter Monday Robert and I took Mum and Dad (who had been with us since Thursday) to Wentworth a small village near Rotherham. There was a garden centre we wanted to visit which also had renovated gardens to walk around. I don't know the history of the big house which is now privately owned and not open to the public. You can walk to the front of the house but we saved that for another day. There were a lot of old statues around the garden in the photo above mum and dad with Robert hiding, are next to a lion and dog.

This arch way lead to the stairs which lead to the upper part of the garden. There were traces of it being very ornate like a grotto.

I love the tree's with the white bark there were quite a few with spring flowers all coming up.

There were a lot of water features.

I counted 16 chicks with this duck they seamed to be all hers.

This neat clipped hedge was box with yew around the outside

The restored summer house was being used as a photography studio

We are not sure what this was. They seamed to have had doors on at one time. It was by the pond which had a cascading waterfall but was dry and the pond wasn't full ether.

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