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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything Is Growing.

Well at last, the space behind the door in the porch has had the log basket taken away to be replaced with the sun lounger. What a lovely hot day, makes up for the day before, my birthday. We had intentions to visit a garden but the traffic was so bad after an hour and half we did a u turn and came home. I had a good afternoon in the garden. We have never gone out on bank holidays and now we know why.

As I mention I had a week of work last week, starting the week with Robert and our 5Th and final trip to the cancer hospital Weston Park in Sheffield.With the doctors reassurance that after five years the cancer is unlikely to come back we give thanks to God whom I have had faith in all these years. After our appointment as we are near Dearbyshire we go and see the parents stopping of at a garden center where we usually buy something.

I chose a Euphorbia Craigieburn with purple/red stems and a contrast Salvis ergentea, large silver grey leaves and tall stems with pinkish-white flowers. I have planted them next to each other. I also got a Limonium latifolium and an other Viburnum as mine again this year don't seem to good.

I have managed to get the honeysuckle to grow over the porch just needs to thicken up next year.

The garden is growing fast now but still have some gaps so there is always plants to buy. When we moved here four years this August one of the first jobs in the garden after we designed it was to plant the box hedge, the trouble is some of the plants must have had the disease box blight and i must have replaced nearly half. So I have dug up the whole back row replanted them in all the gaps and Robert has planted a privet hedge and if the box continues to die we will plant all privet. We want to keep it short and with the mulit planting it keeps a frame to the garden.

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