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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our easter tree

Happy Easter to one and all.
This tree is so easy to make, contorted willow in a container and hang a collection of eggs. I have collected different ones over the years. Last week whilst Robert and I were on holiday we brought some more when we were out shopping.

We decorated the church early as a local school were visiting on Tuesday to learn about the church and what we do. Its a good opportunity at Easter to teach the children about the ultimate sacrifice our Lord Jesus paid for us, its not just chocolate eggs and bunnies.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring is finally here

I feed the birds all year there is
not many times when there is
nothing for them to eat and this is how
they repay me by eating all the flowers
from the primulas

The frost has got my choicer (Mexican orange) when it was covered in snow i shook it all off as it was heavy and had snapped one of its branches.

The hellebore's are stunning at the moment. The witch hazel smells great i just wish it would grow bigger, iv had it for 5 years now and it doesn't seem to have grown much i planted it along the path near the door to the house so I have to walk past it get the aroma. The contorted willow has lovely long catkins looks its best at the moment.

These goslings didn't know what
time of year it was they were born
3 weeks ago and are the talk of the
park. they will grow very quick as
everybody is feeding them. this time
last year the daffodil's were out and
the kids picked them for their
mothers for mothering Sunday. Not a
bad out look from the shop.

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Mothering Sunday 2010

one corner of the shop

some of the planters I planted up for out door use

some mothers day design

I also potted up some containers with bulbs and plants

I don't know where the time has gone even though it seams to be a long winter. I can say I'm fed up with being cold, its cold in the shop, cold first thing in the morning and dark and cold when i come home and dark, but this last two weeks it has got a lot lighter.

We had a very busy mothering Sunday and was able to make a lot of nice arrangements, the shop was full to bursting with flowers having to re stock several times. The weather was dry and sunny which was a great help as we could put some of the delivery orders when done outside the back of the shop to wait for the delivery team to come back from the first deliveries. It took four delivery people from 8.30 to 2 o'clock to over the two days to deliver all the orders.
inside the shop

just some of the roses we used


Just a few of the flowers waiting for me to make up bouquets and arrangements.

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