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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm dreading 14th February

Christmas seams a long time ago and the shop where i work has just got back to normal (if its ever normal) when St Valentines day is nearly upon us, I'm dreading it. It was so busy last year it made me ill. No matter how you try to prepare there is always the last minuet shoppers, and its hard to know just how much to order, you don't want to run out but on the other hand you don't want loads left over. After Valentines day its only two weeks to mothers day which is just as busy. All the prices of the flowers double in price if not more, customers think its us cashing in but the flowers come from the auction houses in Holland and the price is determined there.This is also the time of year when couples think about their weddings and come to book their flowers, we have had a lot just lately. most people know what they want but i enjoy telling them whats available and giving them some different ideas. We have had some wonderful news in the family this week, my niece who is also my Goddaughter has had a baby girl the first baby in the family for 19 years. I'm going to wait for a week or so before I go down to see her to let her settle in as a new mother but I'm busting to see her. Iv seen some photos sent to my e-mail, her only being a few hours old isn't amazing what you can do nowadays.

This was a bouquet for a September bride using a hay base.


This style is popular at the moment Calla lilies with steel grass with pearls threaded on the grass. You hold it across the arm
On the London eye

In May of 07 my sister Julie and I went to the Chelsea flower show. One of the main events of the year, anybody who is any body can say they have come of age in their profession once they exhibited here. Ticket are like gold first come etc. They have what is called members days for the fist two days. A member being part of the Royal Horticultural Society, any can be part of this providing you pay the yearly subscription. It gets you into gardens around the country for free and an interesting magazine monthly. We could only get tickets for the second day and not until 3o'clock in the afternoon, but as it turned out this was a good time as it was one of the hottest days of the year and people had started to leave what is usually a very crowded place. We stayed until closing time 8o'clock by then it was cooler and empty. We got to see some of the exhibitors watering and touching up there plants I can say it was one of the best days of o7.With the morning free we got there early and did some sight seeing its years since i visited our capital. The photo is my sister and I on the London eye. I was petrified i couldn't stand up but managed to open my eyes after we got going. there is a big bench in the middle of the pod so when we got to the top i just swiveled round to face the front back down the other side. Despite being scared it was great the view was amazing, its also whilst we were in the Que that Julie's husband phoned to tell her the good news about Nikki their daughter being pregnant. Not that very hour we had been discussing that it would probably be a long time before we were likely to become grandparents.

Here are a few photos from the eye and some of the gardens at the show.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas in church

Hi all, it's about time i sent you some photos of some of the work i'v been doing. Robert as you may know got me this laptop for christmas so in about six months time when i'v mastered it by myself there will be no stopping me sending all sorts of stuff. Robert by the way is Bob to you but i'v never called him Bob he's a Robert to me. The photo is one of four wall displays we did in church for Christmas. there was a kings theme useing the coulours purple, silver and gold, each one representing something to do with the kings. this one was the crown. its actully a Mc Donalds childs crown with stick on bits. We have a big tree at the front of the church but i also did my interperation of a tree, with a metal stand which holds four rings at different sizes going from large at the bottom to the small one at the top giving it a tree shape. On xmas eve with the lights down low the church looked lovely.

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