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Monday, March 24, 2008

All over for another year

I just don't know where March has gone. One minuet it was Valentines day then Mothering Sunday then our holiday to Malta. I never even had a chance to take photos of all the lovely arrangements i made for mothers day. It was really busy in the shop we worked some days 16 hours but its over for another year. Easter isn't usually very busy people tend to buy small posy's of spring flowers. This year we sent for some wonderful Narcissus from the Isle of Silly their perfume fills the whole shop they are so delicate, we had four different types they look good just put in a crock jug.

Just before all the busy times at the shop started our family was blest with a beautiful baby girl, Hannah. she is the daughter of my sisters daughter Nikki, my niece (and Goddaughter). This picture is of her only two weeks old. They live about 70 miles away and iv not seen her since the beginning of February but I'm pleased to say they are coming to see us 5th April. One of the reasons they are coming for the weekend is Fallon our daughter gave me two tickets to go to see Torval and Dean ice skaters in Sheffield for Mothers day, so my sister is going with me. I have followed the skaters from the 80s when they won the Olympics and world champions. They have been on the TV for a few weeks and are just as good if not better. I'm looking forward to the weekend. It would be nice if the weather would warm up. Its been so cold and we have had more snow now than in the depths of winter. After being in Malta in warm weather its been hard to get back in warmer clothes and boots instead of sandals.

The cross stitch below is what i made for Hannah as a keepsake, i put it in a frame and gave it to her mum and dad after she was born. I enjoy sewing and in the past have done many projects but of late have not been very productive. the cross stitch below of the farm scene took me two years and i finally got it framed late last year. Not long ago i made curtains for my new bedroom. it saves a small fortune if you can make things your self and there is a great satisfaction when you've achieved something.

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