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Monday, May 25, 2009

Large gardens at chelsea

On to the large show gardens, These tend to be contemporary gardens with bold structures and this year was just so.

The perfume garden by Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins won a gold medal and most creative award, all the plants and flowers all were to have a sent but you could not get to close and could only smell the perfume being made and the sample being given out.

With the wet summers we have had the last few years the Leeds city council with designer Martin Walker with water and floods in mind designed the Hesco garden which they won a silver gilt medal.

The Cancer research UK garden by Robert Myers won a silver gilt. The structure at the back of the garden represents Impact and sends ripples through the garden the water feacher was very clever, I can't make up my mind if this was my best garden.

I love this garden this avenue of trees was fabulous. laurent Perrier Garden by Luciano Giubbilei got a gold with its calm atmosphere, simple classical structure of the planting.

Look at the way the trees have been shaped with ivy growing all very neat in the black wall.

The Sweadish designer Ulf Nordfjell designed this garden for the Daily Telegraph and not only a gold but best in show. A modern take on a rock garden it was wonderful, I especially loved the rocks in the water.

Foreign and Colonial Investment garden by Thomas Hoblyn. The wood was very dominant in colour there were some similar coloured flowers dotted throughout the garden but I felt should have been stronger, but what do I know it got a silver medal.

Future Nature designed by Nigel Dunnett, Adrian Hallam and Chris Arrowsmith won a silver gilt. The aim was the wider environment and wildlife saving water and wild planting.

Not really sure about this garden. I like large stepping stones but the design at the back is well !!The flowers are pink Impatients and the garden title is the quilted velvet garden by Tony Smith and if I'm right the sponsors were the toilet tissue and that's all I can see as the advert says soft soft soft. Sorry, It did however get a silver medal.

The next garden I thought was very brave, instead of one large garden the designer Ian Dexter for Marshalls created four modern urban street gardens for the times we are living in. All were different and earned him a silver gilt.

Room to park the car but still space for plants, up the wall there was a lot of this at Chelsea this year. There is also a water feature running down the wall.
The second garden is soft planting like a meadow and cottage garden. All have a seating area.
The third garden is for a couple who like to grow their own with an edible wall of herbs, salads, tomatoes. In the garden there are vegetables, fruit trees and vines growing up the coloms.
The forth and final garden has an oriental feel with clean lines and a water river running through the garden with water lilies.
There is a lot more I would like to show you but don't want you to get fed up and must really go and feed Robert so if you are still interested I will post more at the end of the week. There are all flower arrangements and the NAFAS stand and more gardens still yet to show.

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