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Monday, June 15, 2009

A few of my plants in my garden.

One side of the garden
Iv had such a busy week, tonight is the first chance iv had to turn on the computer and tonight we have to get ready to go down to Derbyshire to Roberts parents tomorrow after work. Its Roberts birthday 20th and fathers day the 21st so we are meeting up with some of the family Saturday night and going for a chines meal.

I have brought a David Austen climbing rose to grow up against the wall, but there is no soil near the wall so Robert made me this big planter out of some left over paving slabs. Just need some compost to fill it now.

my first sweet peas the start of many I hope.

Robert is growing salad leaves in this vertical bag, its cut and come again and I'm enjoying having fresh leaves for tea.

Robert's weather station.

One of my wall basket.

Window box

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Harlow car trip

Not only did I have a day out at Barnsdale on Sunday but Monday four friends and I had a return trip to Harlow car in Harogate. It was a very hot and although I had a hat on all day I got a headache and felt very tiered. We sat in the shade and had our picnic and ice lolly and admired the wonderful flowers. We took a walk through the wooded area and the smell from the azaleas was fabulous. The huge herbaceous boarders were full of alliums, the meadow full of wild flowers a brand new alpine house full of excellent specimens.

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Visit to Barnsdale

Last Sunday with the promise of good weather a belated birthday trip and no moter racing Robert and i had a trip to Barnsdale garden in Rutland, just down south on the A1. There were over 25 gardens started by Geoff Hamilton back in the 90s and after his death his son carried on building new gardens and keeping up the original one's. As we walked round I recalled the gardens as they were made on the TV programs for the BBC, we used to look forward to Friday nights when it was on and still is today with different presenters over the years. Although I had made a picnic there was no where to eat it but for the car park, you were not allowed to take it into the gardens, so we brought lunch there from the cafe and ate it in the gardens watching other visitors, our first meal out side this year, (and if today's cold weather is anything to go by its our last). We spent the whole day there, plenty to see lots of seats to sit look at the flowers, plants trees and veg.

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