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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Newby Hall

On my way to church this morning i passed this wonderful wisteria growing on this old building. It looks like it could be quite old.

After we left Riply castle we went on to Newby Hall. The last time we were there it was in September when the Dalia's were at there best. This time plants and trees were just coming out. The tree in the foreground a viburnum was in full flower with a wonderful smell.

This was the sensory garden if I remember when the flowers are in bloom they are all pastel colours.

I loved this stone urn it was placed on a pillow leaving the sensory garden to the next garden.

The blossom is spectacular at this time of year, I just hope that the wind doesn't blow it off prematurely.

The borders are starting to grow they are fantastic in the summer.

I love the white bark tree's with the fresh lime green of the new foliage. The sun was out all day and made lovely shadows.

The photo doesn't do this wild piece of land justice, bluebells, wild garlic were just some of the flowers.

A lovely avenue of white blossom.

Robert having a rest waiting for me to take another photo.

There were many Azalea's but this one was such a lovely colour.

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