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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

If there is still anybody out there looking on my blog I'm sorry for the lack of material. Its been so heck tic over the last 2 months with our holiday in November in Spain and getting the shop ready for Christmas. In the evening Iv decorated the house in stages, a couple of Friday nights at church we have been making wreaths only for personal use and the variety of different designs were very interesting. We decorated the church which took all day!!! My sister and family didn't even get the chance to visit so we all met in Derbyshire when we went to Roberts parents. There was a great carol service in the Doncaster Minster with J John preaching and our own Christmas service in our church were great. We had a church night out at Hooton Pagnall club a meal and the quiz but many didn't manage it, it was bitterly cold and people get busy but those who were there enjoyed it. At the shop we were very busy the last week an early start at 7 o'clock till 7pm and one night 10pm, and with the cold spell and icy roads getting to work and back was a bit scary.

The wreath I made for our door, made nicer with the snow on it.

I know for a lot of people snow is nothing to get excited about but over the later years we have not had much so when we get more than a light covering its quite fun,(except if you have to travel on the untreated roads). My garden.Scampi our westy seems to like the snow, but not so keen wearing one of her many coats. She doesn't look so white against the snow.
Fallon and her friend Ty made this amazing snow lady mostly in the dark two days earlier still doing well.

Here are a few photo's of our decorated house.

Scampi knows where the best place it curl up and sleep

I love my rusty tree and wreath not everybody's cup of tea but I like to have different things.The rusty advent buckets go with the tree's as we have no small children the treats are for the three dogs who know as we turn off the TV at the end of the night and before we get to turn out the lights they are standing waiting with Tom telling us with gentle woofs, "don't forget our treat" The decorations in the kitchen, at one time they adorned the living room, now recycled to the kitchen.This bowl of collected things minus some that the mice have taken bites out off is also relegated to the top of the stairsThis was one of the gifts I gave Robert for Christmas a canvas frame of some of his favourite things in his life Tippy and Tommy.

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