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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thank You All So Much For The Lovely Surprise.

What a lovely surprise and I had no idea what so ever. Even when Robert (Bob) asked me to sort out the photos I had no idea why, I guess if I hadn’t been so busy at work and decorating the house for Christmas making wreaths mince pies and Christmas cakes as well as the normal house work I would have had time to think why he was showing so much interest.

Thank you all for the comments I hope my posts can give you all some inspiration, I’m afraid I could bore you silly with all the photos I have. I have such a passion for flowers and art I forget not everyone else has. Robert doesn’t always see my interpretation of a title for a competitions as I try to be a bit different and contemporary. Some times I win, it depends on the judge but if I don’t win I don’t mind as it has given me the chance to do something I like to do and would not have had the opportunity otherwise. Working in the shop has given me more of an insight to what people want, for instance, last week I did a lovely wedding, but forgot the camera as usual. My New Years resolution is to take my camera around with me. It’s a small shop in what was once a mining village it has old fashion ways but with a younger generation moving in a more modern approach is needed but to stay in business you have to do what the people want, it’s a bonus when somebody wants something different. I hope you will keep on visiting my blog now its written by me instead of Robert, I will try and post more pics of things I do and I can give more details as to how they are done than Robert could.

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