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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everythings growing

It seams a while since i have had time to write but wanted to share some of my latest photo's. My college at work has been away for the last week and a half and i had a Sunday wedding last week so any time has been spent cleaning washing ironing and stuff. Its been so cold and windy all week and now the rains set in the photos would look better if there had been a blue sky. I'm off on holiday next week and off to the Chelsea flower show with my sister, spend a day with my friend and some time with Hannah and her mum. I hope the weather picks up and my thoughts are with the men and women who are trying to get their gardens ready for the Chelsea flower show. I don't know if its the return of the cold weather but I'm in a lot of pain with arthritis this week.

The chestnut tree is in full flower at the moment i really like the blossom it produces.

This is the drive from our house to the road. The first two trees have red blossom, I prefer the white.

The start of the dog walk, different blossoms are out lilac on the left.

The snow drops from winter have been replaced with cow parsley under the huge chestnut tree.

The path is considerably thinner now the cow parsley is in full flower.

wild garlic

The hawthorn looks spectacular, its everywhere all along the motorway and lanes and when i see a really good stretch there 's no where to stop the car to take a photo so this small tree opposite our house is just a sample.

One of our neighbors clematis looking stunning.

I wish you could smell this night scented stock, I have them on ether side of the front door and in the evening the smell is heavenly. The pansy's are from winter and will have to come out which is a shame but they are getting leggy know and I will want to put in some summer bedding soon and if they survived the winter there should be white Dalias coming up.

The garden plants are growing fast the Aquilega's is out

Blue bells look better in the wild but these keep coming up every year in my garden.

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