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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pear blossom

I seem to have been so busy this last week. My Friend is very ill and cant do her garden and iv been promising to go for weeks to do it. I went this week and gave it a good clearing. It was made more difficult as all the plants are coming up and the weeds and grass are growing through them. It was hot day and was really done in by the end of the day. The distance is to far to go often but it need doing every week, she cant get out at all so I don't really know what the solution is. The next two nights Iv been out but I wanted to share this lovely image of the pear tree in full blossom. Its quite old and its one of Roberts jobs to prune it, but it wasn't done this year. its on the end of our next door neighbours house.
Roberts potted up these three trier terracotta pots with pansies. Will take a photo later to show the flowering results.
My winter pansies baskets still look good it seams a shame to throw them out to make way for the summer bedding. Our shop is bursting with summer plants, its to early and I have to keep telling customers they could still get caught by frost. We have bissy lizzy in flower which look good for instant colour but I fear by summer they will be leggy and over.
The baby chicks are growing but the numbers have dwindled. Today there are only three and the mother seems to be missing they are on there own.

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