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Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip to Chelsea 09

Our day out at Chelsea started with the train from Coventry being cancelled but only 20 minuets to wait for the next one which as it happened got us there the same time. The station was Marylybone in London and the first site when you leave the train is the flower stand. I don't know what time they start or how many work there but they must sell a lot with the amount they had for sale. Very cleverly there were bags of flowers ready to go for the busy commuters.

The company is Go flowers they are also at Victoria and paddington stations and a shop at primrose hill. The prices are higher than my shop but that reflects the area and we struggle to get what we charge, but the supermarkets don't help with cheap bunches and there are two near the shop.

On to the flower show, the weather was dry bit windy but good. We thought we would do the small gardens first, when I say we its my sister Julie I am with.

This first garden won a silver gilt titled wild and wonderful

The Fenland Alchemist garden by Stephen Hall and Jane Besser got a gold and best court yard garden.

The small gardens are mostly lovely cottage type gardens very popular with the public and very much like my garden due to the size, if i had a large garden I would love to dedicate part of it to a contemporary design. The garden above is the potters garden made by four ladies from Cumbria all three gardens were lovely. This one got a got a silver medal This garden was called Jacob's ladder by Jeffery Hewitt won a silver medal

This garden is Demelzer by Jo Thompson a garden for children with soft water and chimes it won a silver gilt.

The two photo,s above are from the Entente Cordiale garden. A garden of friendship after the signing on the 8 April 1904 between Britain and France. The colour's were red white and blue it was a lovely crisp garden.

Pilgrims rest by Chris Odonoghe, was herbs of all kinds and was awarded a silver gilt

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