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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Two competitions

In September I entered a few flower competitions and had some success, its difficult to get good photo's but here are just a few.

I got a second place for this brides bouquet, I covered the polystyrene holder with layers of sineco gray leaves and used lovely roses, hydrangea, pearls and silver decorative wire. It is held in the palm of your hand.

This is an arrangement for a top table, for a winter wedding and won a second place. The wood sticks were on Roberts bonfire cut from the apple tree and were a lovely colour with the lichen and moss. Red roses, protia, hypericum berries and calla lilies.

We were asked to design a funeral posy and name the person who it was for. I made up a name and his trade was a chair weaver and added the rope etc and used lovely green roses, carnation and hydrangeas and got another second place.

We were asked to design an accessory for a young girl going to the prom. I made a hair fasinator with a frosted pale mauve colored wire and orchid and got a first prize. Its hard to make out the design from the photo. I also made a wrist corsarge out of a fine silver wire making petals and used pearls I thought it was the better of the two but it only got me a second prize. The hair fascinator

The wrist corsarge

This wedding top table arrangement got me a third prize.

The next few photo's are from a different show a much bigger show and I didn't get any placement but to get something is a bonus, I really just enjoy entering and getting the chance to do something different.

In this competition we were asked to design an arrangement for the relaunch of a magazine. I chose a cake magazine and made all these cakes out of coloured foam and little flowers.

The brides bouquet was to be designed for bride on a budget £75.00 or less. I made the wire holder and the construction was made from snake grass, red roses and a few hypericam berries, finished off with a hand made red wire heart.

The title of this section was preserve the season. I wanted to do something different from the dried plant material so chose this arrangements preserving the season by painting the flowers a living picture. I got a 4Th prize.

This was a rather radical design. The title was the meandering river and everybody used water and plenty of foliage. The two frames were made from lots of silver wire on a slate tile, silver wool, shaped white melinola sticks and shaped calla lilies representing the meandering river. It got me a unexpected forth prize. I was very pleased with all my work and enjoyed nit very much although it is heard work setting up and taking down.

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Harvest Festival 09

It was our church harvest festival the other Sunday and although we don't hand out food parcels to the older people in the community we ask for dry or tin food which we send to an organized charity called M 25 (Mathew chapter 25). They provide meals for the homeless and poor. I sent letters to 5 of the major supermarkets asking for a donation which some have in the past and this year not one person reply ed.

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