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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perfect Sunday

What a perfect Sunday. Woke up to a lovely frosty morning listening to Sunday with Aled Jones. Took scampi and tom for a walk before going to church. Had a great service with good fellowship. After a small lunch made my wreath for the door and garland for the fire place listening to Handel's The Messiah. Then as I wrapped some of the Christmas presents songs of praise come on the TV new and old carols. After tea I went to iron in the bed room (usually do this Monday but have no day off now we to busy) and tuned the radio to classic FM and it was the history of carols

I made the garland out of three different types of eucalyptus, binding sprigs onto a silver wire. I wrapped the clear lights round. The moose's and tree are made from tree bark and the stars and baubles were new this year The snow flakes are a few years old I usually have them hanging in the window. There are some angel wings dotted about the arrangement.

This rusty tree and wreath are not to everybody liking but I like it, its different and very rustic.
I have a real Christmas tree, we sell them at work so I got one given to me for free. We have lots of things on the tree collected over the years. Many we have collected when we have been on holiday or a special day out.
I don't like labels so every body has their own paper so long as remember who's paper is who's.

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