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Monday, November 24, 2008


The pier at Inveraray
Most days on our holiday we passed through Inveraray. Its a sea loch, lochawe but its usually still. The tower to the top of the photo houses the second largest bells in the world so they say. In 1784 all the inhabitants were asked to pay £8 to build a pier which in 1877 was extended for the large steam ships bringing the vast amount of visitors. There is also a ship there the Arctic penguin its a visitor museum. Today the visitors come in their cars. There is a jail there which has two large fiberglass guards statues dressed in red. When we used to go when Fallon was a small girl she was petrified of them and it was years before we managed to get her to go inside walking passed them. There is also a castle belonging to the Campbell family but it closes in November and we have never go to go inside.

On one of our days out we went to Oban, after a few hours there looking at the shops we went south to the Island of Seil. It famous for the little bridge over the Atlantic. we had our picnic on the shore line trying to keep Tom out of the sea. For a while we watched the little ferry carry people over to the Island of Easdale. It was once a hive of industry for slate, shipping it to all parts of the world. We stayed there for a while until it got dark. It was November the 5th bonfire night and some of the children were getting the wood for the bonfire. The little pub opened so we decided to use the money mum and dad gave us for our anniversary to have a meal, Robert have his usual fish and chips. We didn't see many fire works but could hear them. another lovely day.

looking over to the island of mull

looking over to the island of Easdale watching the ferry

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