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Monday, November 10, 2008

The first few days of our holiday

The river at Callender looking towards the town

After leaving home in the early hours of Saturday 4am we got to Callender in good time. We parked up and I took Tom for a walk whilst Robert had a wee rest (notice I'm in Scottish dialect). We had a walk round the shops before we went our way to the rest of our journey. We call at the Christmas shop and usually buy something for our tree which reminds us of our holiday, but I'm afraid to say in all of the shop there was nothing I really wanted, or liked. It was packed from floor to ceiling and I might add hardly anything to do with the Nativity. The weather was great the sun was shining and there was snow on the hills, we took the slow road to Inveraray before we arrived at our cottage. We had a warm welcome and settled in for the night. I got early the next day and took tom for a walk and an explore the surrounding. Tom went straight for the water.

The view from the drive
Later that day we went for a short drive to the bridge of Orchy the day was perfect the sky was so blue something we haven't seen much of this summer, there was no wind and it wasn't cold.

We walked for a few miles with Tommy getting in the river as often as he could which was at every bend in the river.

It was a lovely relaxing walk and when we got back to the car we had our picnic, we have a picnic every day on holiday there is something about eating sandwiches outside sitting on a rock looking at wonderfull sceanary.

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