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Monday, November 17, 2008

Weird sky's at lock Tay

Each morning I took Tom for a walk and let Robert have a well deserved lay in. It was so fresh and crisp, this larch tree looked so good against the blue sky. The little brook ran under a little bridge but as all little bridges a new one had been built next to it to take the traffic. I had a job to stop Tom from going in the water.

We took a drive to Killin its main feature is its big fast flowing river. It was a popular place for the Victorians to visit but then when the railway closed and the visitors stopped and became much quieter, it is popular once again with tourists.

The river was put to good use in days gone by with a water wheel, not in use anymore but restored for us to enjoy.
After doing some window shopping in the few shops there were we headed off to one of my favourite locks lock Tay. We took our picnic down to the water no hesitation from Tom, stick ,water splashing. Scotland is known for its midges and we would never go in the height of summer, but no sooner had we got our sandwiches the midges found us. Or should I say me they never get Robert. It was lovely and warm I think they thought it was summer again. Tom never tired of fetching the sticks in the water and as we sat watching him the sky to the east of the lock made some weird patterns. I have taken a couple of photo's but never really captured the full beauty it was amazing. They look very dark but the sun was in the east, Robert took some photo's of Tom down the lock to the west and its sunny and doesn't look like its the same day. We headed east back home watching the sky till it got to dark. It was like many ripples or water or lines following the shapes of the mountains.

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