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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great day on the beach

We had never been to Campbeltown as it is a long way from where we have stayed before but as we were nearer we decided to make the trip. As it was lunch time and we were driving along the coast we decided to park up and have a walk on the beach. It was absolutely fabulous. Robert went back to the car to get the picnic whilst I found us some good rocks to sit on. Tom thought all his birthdays had come at once. He went straight for the sea and stayed there for three and half hours with Robert and me throwing sticks (when I say Robert I mean mainly me). It was really warm better than the weather Robert had in the summer. We didn't want to leave and had a job to get Tom to come out of the sea. We played with him for all that time and he still would have gone on longer. But leave we did and were disappointed when we reached Campbeltown the most interesting thing was piles of logs waiting on the Que side to be shipped out.

The variety of colours in the rocks was amazing made all the much better because of the good weather blue sky and sun shine. I tried to capture these colour's but the photo's don't do them justice
There was a bit of the usual debris on the beach, so i made two boats using a plank of drift wood and an empty plastic bottle tying them together with strands of fishing nets. After launching them it was a race to see how far they would go out and who's would win, (yes we are adults and no there wasn't any kids with us). They went in and out for hours then Roberts got a break, it was very exciting. When Roberts went out of sight he walked out on the rocks to see where it had gone. Mine finally ran aground on the rocks. Roberts won.
We went for a walk along the beach before we left taking these two last photo's.

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