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Monday, October 20, 2008

Class 3 autumn welcome ring

For week three of my class I designed a autumn harvest welcome ring. I took a wet foam wreath ring and pinned leaves around the inside and out,then took a length of the passion flower took of the leaves and wrapped this around the leaves. Filled the inside with tree kinds of rose, Chinese lanterns, heads from the Rebeca and a few small chrysanthemums. I finished it off with the long flower stem of the heucra weaving through the roses.

I made a second ring using Gerbera and carnations and placed a tall glass vase with water and a head from the chines lantern in the middle.

Some of the ladies in the class used stems of corn, pine cones, berries and one lady made hers in the pink shades. This would look good for a Christmas arrangement using winter foliage and flowers.
The class was finished a bit early so I showed the class a quick design using tropical flowers.

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