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Saturday, October 18, 2008

wedding fare

On the 5th of October we were invited to put a display on at a wedding fare at a local hotel. It was a lot of work but the people who visited seemed to like what i had done. Its always a worry what to do at these events there is always something you don't do that somebody wants to see. Below are just a few of the things i prepared.

A wrist corsages using Freesia

This was for a table, a glass bowl with a ring of twigs filled with water and the flowers cut short and put through the twigs to rest in the water finished off with two floating candles.

This lovely silver bag would be ideal for the bridesmaid.

This was a rose hand tied bouquet edged in a pearl coller.

This is also for a table decoration, although it is very tall when the guests sit at the table the flowers are above the heads and doesn't stop the view across the table.

A traditional tear drop design

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