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Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Christmas shop

When we came home from our holiday a plant in the garden had finally come into flower. The label had gone and I can't remember what its called. It looks like a thistle but I think the flower is lovely we had even had a frost when I took this photo.
Things are really busy at work, no sooner have I made a fresh wreath and it gets sold, W have the moss based wreaths but the wreaths in the wet foam are very classy and loo good on the door. I use Cinnamon sticks, poppy heads, lotus seed pods, sliced oranges and apples, berries, nuts, hessian ribbon dry hydrangea and a lovely selection of winter foliage.
One of our most popular things I make for Christmas is a ball of foliage with pine cones ballbals ribbon flowers the photo dose not show it at its best. People like to hang them outside on the redundant summer hanging bracket.
The Christmas pudding made from carnations is another favourite.
The arrangements below has a new product, artificial snow. Its comes in a powder form and when mixed with water turns into snow feels like snow and if it goes off a drop of water added livens it back up, lasts for weeks.
Last Sunday we opened the shop at 6o'clock in the evening, served warm minced pies, mulled wine played carols and had fake snow on the floor. Its most popular and there was a real rush at 6o'clock, everyone was happy and was a good night.

I also make garlands for fireplaces, this one has artificial flowers, bows, lights and pine cones but the most popular are the natural ones with oranges, cinnamon sticks etc.

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