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Monday, August 09, 2010

Newbry Hall sculpture park

We had a lovely day at the Newbry Hall sculpture park. Newbry is our favorite gardens and although we have been many times it was still wonderful. Before we went around the garden we took a look in the wood at the sculpture's. They change the sculptures every year and they are for sale. I have chosen a few which were of interest to Robert and I. There were plenty that I just didn't understand.

This was one of my favorites, called Two Circles lll by Tom Stogdon and could be yours for


The Skellig Boatman by Helen Sinclair, in painted wood £15.000 in bronze £35.000
Skellig Islands 7 miles off the south west coast of Ireland was home to a community of monks from the 7th-12th centuries. Even today there are only a few days in the year when a boat can land.

Breath by Mathew Sanderson cold cast bronze £7.000

Green Physalis by Carole Andrews roofing felt and resin group £6.000
Small elements of plants life on to large scale sculptures

Sandstone Ammonite ll by Tom Stogdon sandstone steel armature £2.750
This was another favorite and by the same sculpture.

I liked this one too
Cede by Jessica Travers steel and willow £1.950 for the group
cede means to surrender; a poppy flower dies to produce seed.
Giant Conkers by Michael Mc Manus group £6.000
Everyone remembers the delight of removing a shiny brand new conker from its shell. Loved these really wanted to feel them.

This bronze was put in an ideal place and there was something about it i liked
Warrior King by Leonie Gibbs a bronze £25.000
At the battle of flodden in 1513James the lV king of the Scots glances back at the English enemy. The Scots army defeated and 9.000 dead is commemorated in a famous piping tune
'The Flowers of the Forest'

To close to the sun by Olivia Musgrave bronze £11.200
To escape the labyrinth Deadalus invented wings that fitted to the body with wax. He told his son Icarus not to fly to near the sun, but the young man soared high, the feathers parted in the heat and plummeted into the sea.

La Grande Chasse by Cemmick and Wylder bronze £22.000
Cemmick a wild life artist has travelled the globe documenting conservation projects.

Another favorite's
Spinning Jenny by Jessica Travers steel and willow£675
The spiralling motion of winged sycamore seeds prompted this work.

Balance Perceived by Fawkes and Jackson glass and steel £5.900
The stand complete within its own arcing sense of balance whilst drawing the eye to explore the shifting vision revealed within the body of the glass.


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