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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer gardening

With me going away for a week and feeling stronger after my operation Friday was a day in the garden. Mostly dead heading cutting down finished perennials with the hope that they will give me a second bloom. I heard on the radio a expert!! a Chelsea winner say that there wasn't much to do in the garden in summer well her garden must be pretty boring. My garden is a riot of colour, flowers that need dead heading every day. Then if you grow fresh produce, fruit, veg and salad there is something to pick every day. The pine tree drops its cones and needles, herbs need to be kept under control, climbing plants need tying in, grass to cut and if a dry spell watering. Even my small garden needs attention every day.
A few potted plants

A good example of not controlling my passion flower, it growing into the two hanging baskets its reached the roof and coming into my bedroom.

My Friend Kathy brought me a variety of plants this is a lovely Dalia.

I think the day lilies are early this year. The Sambuca in the background has been fantastic.

My chocolate cosmos, I must remember to bring it inside this winter.

Today I have been to The Tatton flower show and have taken lots of photo's so there will be plenty to show when I get back from my holiday.

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