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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Keswick Convention

After 16years of going to Keswick convention it has been 8 years since i was last here and apart from minor changes things are much the same.
Not that you can tell from the photo's but every meeting there was a grand congregation of 3.000 people all worshiping and praising are Lord. There is also the youth and the children's groups. The days are packet with seminars, Bible readings, prayer groups and celebrations so you need to plan what you want to go to as you couldn't go to all . The morning Bible readings were lead by Paul Mallard on the book of Revelations 2&3. He focused on the word of encouragement to struggling churches facing external attack and internal decay. Even though they were written in the first century the message is still the same for the twenty-first century Christians. In the letters to the churches we hear the voice of Jesus speaking to the leaders and individual Christians. What I liked was the introduction each day on what each city was like at the time, explaining the good and bad points giving you a feeling that you were there and what the churches were up against.
Jo Stowell from Michigan spoke on A certain future 2 cor 4:16-5:10. His most memorable point was we should look ( and live like) as if we are living for the next world.

Liam Goligher, Jonathan Lamb, Derek Tidball all spoke in the evenings and the music was lead by Colin Webster. There are many bookstalls with books from all over the world written by everyone. We chose to keep the afternoons for shopping, sight seeing, relaxing and time to reflect and eating. For more information

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