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Friday, August 06, 2010

Grasmere rushbearing tradition

After being made very welcome on my arrival to Keswick by my friend Jenny and her family had a drive out to the small village of Grasmere. The church was celebrating the tradition of rushbearing.In its present form it dates back to1830s, but is though it date back to pre-Christian festivals. Before the church has wooden pews and a slate floor there had been rough earth covered in rushes. Each year the first covering with the new rushes was the occasion for a festival. In the twentieth century the festival took place on the Saturday closest to the 5th August, St Oswald's Day but from 2002 the date was moved to July to encourage more children to attend before the summer season and holidays. The bearings are traditional shapes representing biblical and religious themes. There is a procession through the village followed with a service, then tea in the churchyard. Today it is a celebration of community life.

The door way
All the floor was covered in the rushes and there was a lovely fresh smell.
The lovely old wooden beams

Rushbearing Hymn
Today we come from farm and fell
wild flowers and rushes green and twine,
we sing the hymn we love so well,
and worship at St Oswald's shrine
The Rotha streams, the roses blow,
though generations pass away,
and still our old traditions flow
from pagan past and Roman day.
For saintliest King and kingly man
today our burdens glad we bear,
who with the cross Christ's way began
And sealed his dying wish with prayer.
Our garlands fall, our rushes fade,
Our day is but a passing flower,
Lord, of Thy mercy send us aid,
And grant Thy life's eternal dower.

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