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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Youlgrave well dressing

A few weeks ago my friends and I had a trip to Derbyshire and in the morning we went to Youlgrave to see the well dressings. This is a annual event dating back from the pagan tradition, giving thanks for the purity of water which was drawn from the wells. This dates back from the time of the black death. Its believed it originated from the village of Tissington Derbyshire 1349. Only a few villages took part in the early days until 1840 when to commemorate the benefactor of the Duke of Devenshire who at his own expense supplied water to all. Youlgrave was later supplied with water from a hill some distance away with the arrival of piped water and so the tradition was adapted to taps not only wells.

Its hard to believe this is all made from tiny flower petals it is so incredibly neat. If I can remember it represents earth, wind, fire and water.

Wooden frames are constructed in clay mixed with water and salt, a designed is sketched on paper and traced onto the clay. Very often there is a religious theme and the picture is predominantly made from flower petals, mosses, beans, seed and cones but in later years some use more modern materials.

This well depicts Adam and Eve and although not clear the outer panels stand forward from the inner panel giving it a 3D look.

This vibrant well is to commemorate the football 2010 world cup

Youlgrave, a village in Derbyshire the peak district lying on the river Bradford south of Bakewell. The name Youlgrave derives from "yellow grove" the oared mined being yellow in colour, historicaly "Giolgrove".

A close up of some of the petals and texture's used in the green man, great thought and patience must have been used with the limited colour pallet used for this design.

This was a great well of Mosses being found in the river. The side panels were so delicately designed with scenes from the time and place.

This was the girl guides well celebrating 100 years of guiding

This last but not least well was designed by the children from the local school. Each child designed a picture and one was chosen. Then the mums transfer the design to the clay frame.

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