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Friday, March 06, 2009

Day at Lincoln

Robert and I have had a week off work and although we haven't gone away we have had some great days out. On Wednesday we had a trip to Lincoln a old historical town. The sky was gray and colder than I had thought I foolishly had taken off my vest. After lunch we had a walk round, there was were some lovely old buildings. The photo above of the old half timbered house it was built 1543 directly over the Roman street Via Principalis it is now the tourist shop.

This old building is a tea shop now

This the Norman house date c1170-80 mistakenly known as "AARON" the Jews house. The first floor window was reset and restored.

I loved the old door way the beam above the door would have a few tales to tell.

This is a fragment of wall Newport cottage. It was part of the northern defences of the Colonia. The gate tower Newport arch stands 1.25metres above the ground but originally stood 6 metres. The wall dates from the 4th century when the city defences were strengthened enhancing the city capital more of a status than a defence.
Here a few photo's of Lincoln cathedral from the out side when it was first built and there were no surrounding buildings it must have looked very impressive to the average person living at that time. We are told that there would have been colour everywhere and if you look closely on some of the work inside you can see some of the old colour on the stone.
You can see the Patton on the ceiling in this photo, but I do not know if it is original. I like where the steps are worn with the feet of thousands of people coming to worship.

I hope you can read this It was a beautiful tapestry.

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