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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A visit from Jeff Lucas

This photo was taken on my way to work one frosty morning last week.
On the 4th of January we were privileged to welcome to our church author and speaker Jeff Lucas from Colorado. Originally from England he now ministers in loveland Colorado a teaching post at Timberline church Fort Collins.! He travels internationally in his ministry and is well known in England at spring harvest. He was in Doncaster to speak at the Doncaster city celebration serves Sunday evening so our minister asked him to come to our church Sunday morning. City celebration is where all the Church's in our area get together I think four times a year. The leaders are doing great works in and around our city and he spoke highly of their work.
He spoke a lot of common sense and made us laugh and realize how pathetic we are, like moaning about paying 5pence for a carry bag at the supermarket, or the person in the check out has 12 item's in their basket and are in the Que for 10 or under, let it go. There are a lot of more important things to worry about. So my thought for the year is let it go. viset

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