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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day out with baby Hannah

I can't believe its a year since our lovely baby Hannah was born where has the year gone. Her mum and dad had a party for her but I was unable to go as I was at work, so on the Sunday after the wedding Fayre I headed of to Coventry to my sisters where they were having a party and Hannah was staying the night so we could have the day together on Monday.

After a lazy start to the day playing and opening presents, we decided to go to Coomb Abbey a 450 acres country park, woodland, lakes and beautiful gardens. Its origin is 800 years old a cistercin abbey, after a very exciting history its now a very expensive hotel. We took Hannah to the children's park and she had her first swing and squealed with excitement. We took bread for the ducks and swans that surrounded us so noisily Hannah's eyes were as big as saucers. We strolled through the park Hannah in her pushchair holding my had as we looked at the birds and squirrels. They were so tame they took bread from my hand. we had a late lunch in the cafe cheesy chips and a bacon sandwich, Hannah had puree veg and a treat of a small piece of baby chocolate. I think there was more on the floor and table than actually went down her throat, but she seamed to enjoy it giggling and smiling the whole time. My sister is so great with her you can see the love she has for her every waking moment, Nikki (her mum) is very lucky to have such a good Nannie. We visited the shop. Julie brought her a soft toy of a blue tit that made the song of the tit when you pressed it. We had a lovely day and I was sad to leave after tea.

Hannah in her new coat, it was a cold day but the sun did come out for a short while.There was so many more birds than this the seagulls were a pest pinching as much bread as they could.

The gardens, hotel and lake.

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