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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines day over

Well, glad that's over for another year. Its been a busy time, still the red rose proved to be popular. Its a nightmare deciding what to get in for people to buy for their loved ones. I made arrangements from as little as £12 with mixed bunches from £3.50. My most expensive thing was 50 red roses with teddy and chocolates and a balloon. I took my camera with good intentions of taking lots of photo's but after three the batters went flat, and after replacing them the next day just didn't get time to take any.

We had extra help from Cathy and Joan who are both at collage doing a florist course. As part of their course they have to do so many hours in a florist shop, a real eye opener for them both. I was so glad of their help and they both said they learnt a lot. Cathy has worked for us before and just gets stuck in.

Not everybody wants red, pink was a popular colour and this simple design seemed to pleased a lot of buyers. Its a good design for the forth coming Mothering Sunday at the end of March.I have Broom in this arrangement the smell is wonderful I have a large square glass vase full of it at home with some tulips simple but I love it.

Even though the mornings and evenings are getting lighter I seem to have spent all last week in the dark, up early and home late so with the sun out today I took the dogs for a walk at 9.30 and when I came back thought I would do some gardening and never went back in doors till 1.55. Had a great day did a lot of clearing. The which hazel scent was with me all day now that it wasn't frozen up.

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