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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy new year

  • On the Friday before Christmas some of the congregation from church all met up and went to sings carols at two of our local nursing homes. The resident's joined in and seamed to enjoy us being there. It was good to see the children joining in.

    I never really got much chance to take many photo's because of cooking washing up etc so have taken just a few of Robert with his personal calender that I had made for him. technology is so clever. I mailed twelve photo's to this company and they turned it into a calender. They are all of the dogs and you can type a statement for each month, the hardest thing was to pick only twelve photo's. Tom wants to help open every ones presents. He likes the one's that smell of food best. Scampi loved her new soft toy she can really pull it about.

    I took my camera to work every day but was so busy i never got to take any photo's I did some lovely work but nobody will ever see. I went back to work on Saturday and have been busy ever since, but managed to get away at 3o'clock on new years eve. Robert and I went down to Derbyshire to a remote farm house near to where we used to live to some friends house . We have been for the last couple of years its a traditional night. There is piano playing, quiz's, hymn singing, funny poems, good conversations good food. Mum and dad joined us we see the new year in together. We come home as I like new years day at home for some reason. I fetched Fallon and her three friends at 3am they were in good spirits and also had a good time. As they were staying for lunch next day I got a turkey and we all had Christmas dinner again, It was good to Fallon home.

  • We don't know what the next will bring its hard to tighten your belts when we already live a simple life but we are most fortunate and may God continue to bless us. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year.

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