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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tatton park 23rd July

Last Wednesday the 23rd of July I got the day off work and my friend from Matlock, Lyn and I went to the Tatton Park show near Knutsford. I went to stay with mum and dad on the Tuesday so we could get a good head start on the Wednesday. We got there in good time and the weather was great, things look so much better with a blue sky backdrop. I was determined I wasn't going to buy any plants and was nearly good just one and a tin bird on a long wire which looks very good in the garden. The gardens never are as great as Chelsea and I feel its more like building and garden contractors selling their businesses. One of the officials was saying there was 17thousand people there but it seamed less than previous years. There is never enough seating to have your lunch but there wasn't a problem this year whenever we wanted to have a rest there was always a seat and the gardens were not crowded with people. There are always lots of trade stalls with the latest garden gadgets and sculptures, I would really like to go on a welding course and do some metal work for my garden. There are loads of plant stalls and I think the plant everybody seemed to be buying was a peachy coloured Delphinium.
At lunch time I met up with my friend Judy (my ex teacher) for a chat which was nice. There is always a bedding competition from the parks departments from town and city's and they were all very good i will publish some photo's in another blog in the week.
we were there all day but didn't get to all the trade stalls and left about 5.30 and the traffic was thick but there's nothing you can do so just wait and be patient. It was a long drive back to Matlock then another 50 back home so what with the drive to get Robert I feel as if Iv done nothing but drive the last week, but it was all worth it . I had a great day and ready to do it next year.
This was Chris Beardsure ( I know that not how you spell his name but you know who I mean)garden. It was lovely, and judging by the amount of people admiring it it was the peoples favorite. It won gold and best in show and was far the best.

This was a sculptures garden and it was from a garden centre in Doncaster so I thought it was worth posting, it won a gold if I recall correctly.

A small court yard garden

I really liked this garden but it only got a silver guilt but what do I know. It was designed for a family with tow pools for swimming in, but it was very still I don't know how it would stay clean. The photo above is the larger pool and the other photo has a smaller pool for children but its not very clear. I think maybe some trees to give it some shade would have been better, but leaves fall and if you have a pond its a lot of work keeping it free of leaves. I love to swim and would love a pool, but perhaps it would need to be heated in our climate.

This was a very modern garden would be lovely on a hot day but I would be tempted to jump in the water.

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