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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Goodbye Robert

After an early start we headed for the drop of place for Robert to start his walk, the telegraph station at windy hill. And it lived up to its name, windy. You could have mistaken it was July it was more like November. After Robert got on his boots and warm jacket he changed his cap for his woolly hat. It was to cold to hang about and I had to get to work so with a quick goodbye I headed back down the M62 with the window wipers on double speed, thinking what have I done to Robert, dumped him out of the car in all this weather but I know he will enjoy it despite the rain. It was good to hear from him later having reached his destination safely. When I got home Tom had not eaten his breakfast but I think he is reassured as after a walk he's had his tea and is sat with me, probably relived one of us is home.

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