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Sunday, June 22, 2008

not a good week

Popular wedding flowers

An arrangement for the top table at a wedding

The bride's bouquet and grooms button hole

Today has been so windy I had to take some wedding flowers to a couple getting married and to the hotel. They were to big pedestal arrangements so Fallon came along to carry them for me, I was afraid the wind would damage them. Its not been a very good week really. My boss at work got married on Friday Bobs birthday, I have been under great pressure as I was expected to go to the evening reception but it was also my husbands birthday. Robert would not come to the wedding as he dose not really know the couple or anybody else there. I didn't feel so bad when mum and dad were going to come on Friday for the weekend but mum was not well and couldn't come so Robert spent it alone. So today I'm on my own because Roberts gone to see his mum from last night, but as i had the flowers to deliver i couldn't go.
In the week I went to church to plant out some summer bedding plants, we have had to build a ramp for wheelchair access and there was an island in the middle so last year i planted some shrubs and to our surprise none of them were pinched. Spoke to soon, the colorful bedding plants must have been an attraction because when I went to church this morning the large red leaf evergreen shrub has gone just a hole, I hope who ever took it enjoys it and looks after it.
The other really sad thing to happen this week is, if you read my blog a few weeks ago I mentioned the lovely fuchsia Robert brought to the garden a standard that he has been growing for a few years it must be 8foot height there is a photo of it. Well it was windy one day last week and it toppled over but we said it was best to leave it as it would fall again and could do more damage, well the shed door was not locked properly and wind got behind it and it spent the day swinging backwards and forwards shredding all the branches of the plant. When we discovered what it had been doing we stood it up and every branch from one side has broken off and more, there are less than a third of its branches left a sorry state. When you put the terrible things in the world that are happening its seems trivial but when you have spent years growing and shaping things its sad hopefully it will come again next year.
Its been another busy week in the shop, I'm on my own next week and no day off and I'm hoping the delivery man will be able to work as he couldn't last week. Iv been doing jobs in the house today painted some light shades to match the new walls i painted last week. I'm excited as next Sunday our new sofa's are coming so I want to get the carpets cleaned and the room ready.
An arrangment I made this week in the shop

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