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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meeting up with Robert

After what seemed like a long week I set off to meet up with Robert after work on Saturday. It was a good two hours drive but with it being Saturday there wasn't so many big lorries and the traffic was not so bad. I don't know if its because I'm getting older or the terrible amount of traffic or the idiots on the road but I really don't like driving any more. It was good to see him and I can't believe how much weight hes lost in just a week ( its taken me 6 weeks to loose a stone and iv starved) he looked pleased to see me and after a wash, change of clean clothes a chat and more importantly a cup of tea, we went to the pub for supper. The portions were enormous we could not get through it all. we both slept well an woke the next day to dry weather. We spent the day sightseeing and getting Robert bed & breakfast for the rest of the week, which was quite a challenge but I feel better knowing he will have a dry bed for the next part of his walk. Saying that there is no B & B's for the last part of the walk, so hes going to rough it in a cabin Friday night. We visited Hadrian's wall where the Pennine path goes along side it for several miles, and to the sight Vindalanda where the archaeologists are uncovering more about the Roman occupation. It was interesting even though you have to use your imagination to work out of the foundation stones which still remain.
Monday after dropping Robert off to restart his walk I went to the small town of Appleby then on to Middleton in Teesdale. The scenery is so vast and you can see for miles I really enjoyed my self and in the afternoon parked the car at a resivour and had a sleep with the sun shining on me, I was so relaxed I didn't know if I could drive to meet Robert, but I did and put on my boots and started to walk to meet him but I didn't get very far as he came round the first corner. When we got to our B&B the very nice lady said the pub wasn't doing food but she would cook us a meal, very nice it was too.
Today Tuesday, Roberts walk takes him to the B&B so I have come home so I don't have to race to work in the morning. It was drizzling when I dropped him off and tonight he has phoned to say it rained on and off but not to bad.

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