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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rain stopped gardening

As this my second blog for to day it can mean only one thing its raining, but dose give me a chance to share some of the good things that have happened this week. As you may know Tommy is Roberts dog but occasionally he's mine. Like on a Saturday and Sunday. All people have a tale to tell about their pet and how talented they are and I want to tell you about Tom. Every week day at around the same time Robert takes Tom out, doesn't want to Know me only wags his tail for Rob. However Sat, and Sun, Rob has a lie in, when i come out of the bath room there is Tom fussing me like I'm his best mate. Sat I'm up for work and Sunday maybe a little later I'm up for church but its before Robert. He knows I'm taking Scampi (Fallon's dog) out so he will come to.
When Rob takes him out he gets his coller brings it to him, then his shoes, lead and Tippys (our old dog)lead. I must have taken a long time to get dressed this morning so he got his coller and brought it up to the bedroom. When I asked him to get my shoes he got one of Roberts, so I showed him mine and he then got mine I didn't have to tell him twice. He's stick mad there is quite a collection by the gate of those he brings home, and on our walk he always finds the biggest ones which i stand on to snap in half I give him the smallest half to which he drops and gets the longer piece. Scampi being a shorter dog lags behind and if I have to call her more than twice your voice gets harsher Tom know and runs up to her barking in her ear as if to say come on.
At night around 9ish I take all three out for their last run. If iv been watching TV I turn it off and before I get to the living door Tom has heard from up stairs in Rob's room and has flew down the stairs waiting at the front door. He seem to be listening to all that goes on, if the word,out, walk, who's that is spoken just in normal conversation hes up looking all pleased. Rob has put a ball with a rope and attached it to the handle of the dog food cupboard and he has learnt how to pull it open, I can see the day we come home and three fat exhorted dogs are flat out unable to move because he's opened the door and they have eaten all the dog biscuit and food. But he seems to know he can only do it if we aer there. There are many more thing to tell about him and indeed the other two have their own tales to tell but I want to tell and show you the nice things Rob has done for me this week.

When I came home from work this lovely standard fuchsia was in the garden, Robert has grown and trained this into this shape.

He also made me this planter using three terracotta pots of different sizes and stacking then and planting them up.

It was raining today but have taken some photo's of the garden to show you at what stage the plants are growing. Its a very small garden but I try to grow a good variety of plants and flowers but can't let them get to big and take over. As a flower arranger I would like to grow more shrubs to use in arrangements but I like flowers so the shrubs are kept to a minimum. It wasn't particularly a hard winter but I seam to have lost some perennials, but some fuchsia plants that weren't lifted last year have survived and are growing. I purchased some Dahlia's a year back the stall holder assured me they didn't need lifting but they perished. It must be certain variety's because some from last year are just coming through. It must be better to lift them as Rob has some in flower already that he lifted mine are about two inches. This early time in the garden the flowers seem to be blue's and pinks and as the year goes on it turns to the yellow tones. The garden looks very green, I must be in fashion with Chelsea.

Taken from my bed room window

One of the many different varieties of poppies in the garden at the moment. Although a bit late iv sown a collection of salad leaves in terracotta pots and will if i remember do so again in a few weeks, they are cut and come again. The rain seam's have stopped and Rob has given me 200 bedding plants so I'm going to try and plant them if its not to wet. Hope you have enjoyed a look in my small garden.

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