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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some work from the shop

I hope this blog is not to upsetting but I wanted to show you some of the varied work we do in the shop. Sometimes I get upset especially if the client is crying I think tears are catching. More people nowadays are asking for family flowers only, and asking for people to donate to a charity. I think this is an excellent idea although bad for business.

sometimes in the shop we are asked to make some strange things. Mostly when there is a funeral as there was last week. The photo above was a shooting star and the family also had us make a bingo card. It was for an older lady who loved a game of bingo and didn't really like flowers it turned out well and they were all pleased.

A domino

A microphone

Burger and chips

The letters are very popular, mum, Nana, and people's names

It is very upsetting when its a baby or small child.

This was difficult to make it took us all day.

This arrangement is what most people have on the coffin top

This photo is not that clear but its a watch that was asked for us to copy, I think it's an expensive make with diamonds. It was 5foot tall when we had finished it.

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