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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scampi's close shave

There,s one good thing being off work, I got to spend more time with the dogs. They love it in the summer as with Robert working around our house we can leave the doors open and they can come and go in or out as they please. And me being here they have liked it all the more. The lane we walk along is glorious at the moment with the cow parsley lining the edges of the hedges.
Scampi usually has a hair cut every few months but my early life I was a hairdresser still got the scissors (but clearly not the skill) so bit short on cash decided to have a go. She must have found it hard to see and looked like she had no eyes. When Fallon came from work her first words were after oh dear whats mum done to you were, mum get a job for goodness sake.

Tom resting in the heat of the day.

Scampi before the hair cut. Robert put this old seat cussion out for tom to rest his bad legs on but scampi seams to have claimed it Tommy would rather lay on the warm slabs.

Scampi after the wash and cut

(not so bad I think)

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