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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Changes in life and garden

For those of you who look in on Roberts blog you will know after changing my job at the new year I have now left that employment. Without going in to to much detail thing were not what I had hoped and the dread I had to go to work was so overwhelming It was best I left before I became seriously ill. With Roberts support and after being away at spring harvest with church friends for a few days i realized there was only one thing to do. Even the worry about getting another job and being a wage down was a better option.After months of just work most weeks six days no time for anything (hence no time for writing on my blog) life is now going at a great change. We are selling our house in Derbyshire as our niece who has lived there for some time is leaving, looking for a cottage in Yorkshire, found my skin cancer is back(not unduly worried its the least harmful of skin cancer and I have Faith) been put on stronger blood presser tablets (that's due to work) got a job, but now have been asked to go back to my old florist job I had for five years. Oh and busy looking for a boarder collie pup.
I must say I have enjoyed my time off doing some serous house cleaning and intense gardening and having some time with family and friends, and done some knitting, but I know I need to work and what a disappointment to find out I have to work longer than my 60th birthday to get my pension, not on.
The garden is a riot of pinks and purple's and having lost a few things due to the cold spell we had last year have a few gaps giving an excuse to plant some different things. My gorgeous passion which grew as high as the back wall of the house is lost as to my olive tree, eucalyptus tree, lavenders, parts of some shrubs, chocolate cosmos and quite a few more.

As some herbs can be quite invasive we grow them in clay pots. They had been in there for some time and were pot bound and looking tatty. So with fresh compost replaced them with new or cuttings, they are coming on a treat.

The first poppy.

My lovely tree pony and this year have four blooms ( Roberts in the big house has 27 show off) and smells great.

The honeysuckle is a fantastic show and the smell in the evening is Divine, what with the sent of the lily of the valley also its lovely to sit out.

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