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Monday, March 14, 2011

some of my flowers

Sorry its been so long but Iv been so busy since Valentines day but we now have employed a new member of staff so I can now have a day off. Actually its my friend who has come to join us so knowing somebody you can trust is a real help.
We had a good Valentine day and not one complaint. Not being there before we did not know what to expect or how many people we would get through the door. The markets had fresh flowers every day so we were able to get enough to for fill all our orders.
The week after was very quite but things are getting busier week by week with some lovely comments on how nice the shop looks and the wonderful arrangements.
Just one example of a hand tie bouquet.
This is a cut orchard in wet foam and will last up to 4 weeks
This arrangement in a tea cup is very popular it will be good for Mothering Sunday on
3rd of April

A spring bouquet sold with the vase.

The first photo shows the flowers lay ed out on the bench the second is the sort of arrangement i can turn it into. The other two are variations I call them my tropical arrangements.

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