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Monday, May 02, 2011

Future concepts work shop with Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

A few weeks ago we were privileged to invite Alysn Midgeelow-Marsdon from the The Beetroot Tree to tutor us at our future concepts work shop From the list of materials to bring I knew we were in for a fascinating class. We were asked to bring foils, beads, threads and small container. Armed with take away foiled containers I soon discovered this would not do after she demonstrated the wonderful things she made with copper sheets and promptly brought a square. I had taken a large glass tumbler and got to work cutting it to the right shape weaving threads and copper strips, beads and other metals. The copper was thin enough to leave an in print of some of the many tools she let us use forming Patton's. I could have stayed there all day playing but it was all over to soon. Alysn advised us to gently colour the copper with a naked flame when we got home which i did before even taking my coat off. The effect was wonderful giving the copper different shades. In the photo's I had not done this yet.
At her shop The Beetroot Tree there is a list of day courses that are available to attend and it is said the shop is amazing, I have not been able to get there yet.

I was delighted with my finished result to nice to put flowers in.

A design by one of the other students.

My friend Kathie's design.

some of Alysn samples

This delightful framed design.

This framed design has been machined stitched over the whole picture, lovely.

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