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Saturday, January 01, 2011

new year new job-(scary)

Its a real wrench to be leaving the lovely shop iv worked at for the past five years.

The new year is also a new beginning for me it terms of employment. I have worked for five years at my recent job and over the years as we all may do think its time to try something different. I have always loved my job marred only by the attitude and sometimes dam right nastiness of other people. I don't want to dwell to much into it but at my age to come home in tears over somebody else's behavior gets a bit much. I know Robert and I can be some what easily upset by an nasty comment or virble attack (we tend not to associate with people like that in our private lives)but adding all that up and an offer of a new job persuaded me to risk the move. I know to well that when times are hard flowers will be the last thing on the most important things list for most people, and the shop has been run down and its on a high street where every other shop is a food take away or beauty /nail shop, but its a challenge and I'm a worker and will put my all into it. As much as i loved all the things we sold in my last shop there is a whole host of goods out there to sell and hopefully I will have a say but the new owners will undoughtly have the last say. My decision was all very last minuet but the last couple of weeks made my decision easier. Watch this space.
Iv not done much blogging lately and therefore as Christmas has now gone I would like to wish all the people who kindly read my rambling a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR for you personally the Church and the wider world.

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