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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My new shop

Well I'm into my forth week of my new job and its had its teething problems but the response from the public is all good. We have taken out the old shop fittings and the shop is now much bigger and a lick of fresh paint works wonders.People cant believe the difference we have made by just having some fresh arrangements and a good variety of designs. The shop has been a florist for 20years but two years of poor service can ruin the reputation, so we have a challenge on our hand but although a long way to go we are prepared to give it our best shot. I don't mine working on my own I have been used to it and with people popping in it gives one time to talk and to make people feel at ease . We have a busy time coming with Valentines day and I'm trying to get as much prepared, like folding paper, making bows. washing vase's and buckets. Not having been in the shop for a year every big event will be guess work, how many flowers to order, what do the people who live in this area like, and can we make some money. I will try to take more photo's and post things of intrest.

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