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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My first public demonstration

My Autumn harvest arrangement
On Tuesday of this week I was asked If I would go to the Knottingly flower club to demonstrate some of my designs. I have not done any arranging in front of an audience before and I was very nervous. I arranged 7 designs which I found ok to do, the trouble was having to use interesting conversation to go with them. There were moments of silence but on the hole kept the conversation going. Every one was very complementary and said I had done very well and loved the variety of my arrangements. Most flower clubs meet once a month and usually august is a poor attendance month but there was a great turn out over 60 people, that was even more scary

A design using a copy of Charles Renie Mckintosh chair

A green arrangement, always popular

A tropical design

I loved this design and was worried it wouldn't go down well but every one loved it. It was country grasses corn with a range of pinks and pastel colours.

This was my final piece it was much larger than the photo portrays. I also made a hand tie bouquet but didn't get a photo thankfully because of all the people taking a closer look at them all.

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