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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Back to back gardens at Tatton 09

The back to back gardens are 6m by 4m and they are all quite different

"A shared space"
In the the first of my gardens from the Tantton RHS show i will show the small gardens. This first garden is from Doncaster our biggest town to where we live.

"Forgotten but not over looked"

A pretty green and white garden

"A load of old rubbish"

This saw one of the most colorful gardens

"lose the shoes"

This garden was quite different from the gardens of late

" A place for waste"

Another cool looking garden

"The dark horse venture garden -out the back"

All the veg fruit and flowers are grown in containers. It was to show how much can be grown in a small back yard.

"Tea time"

The simple garden accessible to everyone

"Let Knowledge grow"

Celebrating the 170th anniversary of the intuition's Christian foundation.

"Be fruitful"

Fruit growing in a modern space

"Down under Jenny's 1950s backyard"

A garden from Australia from 1950

There were a few other small back to back gardens but as we had to keep running for cover from the rain and then forgot where were, but I'm sure we saw them all.

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