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Monday, August 03, 2009

show gardens at Tatton 09

To night I am showing photo's of the large show gardens personally I thought they were not so good as in other years and cant understand the the medals that were awarded.

The three photo's above "edible trends" by BBC north west tonight. the first photo was big planting with veg growing with the flowers. I liked the reclaimed wall but would like to see it in a few years time when the wood and pine cones were rotting.

"So 80s"

This garden had lovely planting but the middle seating section was void of plants an very bright floor colours when you sat on the seating you could not see the flowers. The black canopy was very dominant.

"Strictly come gardening" this garden was representing style and elegance found in the world of ballroom dancing.

"Fibonacci numbers in nature" new ways of looking at low maintenance gardening

"Thyme and money for cancer research uk" bold bedding in the Charity colours in two mixed beds looking to the past present and future.

"Radio-live transmission, I really don't know about this garden. A garden for a semi-permanent public exhibition by the band Joy Division ? Its deep but I believe it got a gold

" The lake district bluebird garden" Donald Campbell's blue bird more than 40 years ago, the last speed record is being restored and returning to its village at Coniston water. Lovely country planting.

"Revolation" outer spaces for a office courtyard, a place to eat, chat, read and to get some fresh air. It got a silver guilt but I thought it was the best garden. It made a change to see yellow flowers and the tiered planting meant that you could get a lot more plants growing.

This last garden BTCV@50 is a celebration of the organisation's 50th birthday of conservation volunteering. volunteers can make a difference in their lives and the environment

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